Art Make - Up

Art Make - Up

With the micro-blading technique, unlike tattooing, the needle does not penetrate deep into the layers of the skin, but is applied to the surface of the skin. The tattoo gun pierces the skin deeper than the layer of the epidermis where plentiful blood and sensory nerves are located; thus, the tattooing procedure is more likely to result in pain and bleeding.

Everyone, female or male, and individuals who want to have a more perfect and beneficial appearance of their facial appearance

The micro-blading procedure consists of four main steps; counseling, designing, numbing (numbing gel cream), and the needling process, it takes 120 to 150 minutes in total.

The numbing ointment we apply is the best quality and ensures the best effect that the client hardly feels any pain, just a small scratching sound on the skin, depending on the skin's appearance at the pigment area. The most sensitive skin areas are the lips and eyebrows. The client hardly feels any pain of the inner eyeliner as the needles do not penetrate the skin, but just delicately scratch the surface of the skin, similar to a paper cut.

Pigments applied by the micro-blading treatment are purer than cosmetic grade colors, with the highest safety, and any allergic reaction is limited. However, in some cases, if the client is allergic or concerned of an allergic reaction, the expert implements the Patch Test to check if the client is allergic before starting the treatment.

The symptoms of swelling and redness of skin that may occur after micro-blading are totally normal, since a layer of the epidemis is exposed to the pigmentation.

  • Eyebrow - During post-treatment care, cleanse the face as usual, avoid applying facial foam, soap, or cream, apply a towel to dry up, apply our product, and soak cotton wool in a saline solution to clean wounds as necessary.
  • Lip – Post-treatment, the client is dispensed with some medications to reduce bruising of the mouth, and the client is recommended to avoid spicy food, hot food, fermented food, injurious foods, and should wait until the scabs are removed completely, and normal consumption is OK after complete removal of the scabs.
  • Inner – Avoid wearing eye makeup and wait until the scabs are dry and are completely removed.

Our micro-blading kits are carefully disinfected and hygienic, and use only single-use needles.  Our clients can be assured of clean and hygienic destruction of used needles.

7 -10 days, depending on the skin type of the individual. It takes a shorter time for a client with dry skin to remove the scabs than a client with oily skin.

8 months - 1 year during the first 3 months after treatment, the pigment will last up to 2 years, depending on the skin type of the client.

One week before the planned treatment, avoid facial exfoliation or exposure to strong sunlight, because it may make the skin more susceptible to irritation

Avoid alcohol for 12 hours prior to the treatment, since it affects healthy healing of the skin.

For female clients during the menstrual period, we recommended postponing the treatment.

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