Facial waxing
Bamboo charcoal detox facial wax removes facial hair. The gentle formula incorporates natural detoxifying ingredients that help nourish and detoxify the skin, and reduce skin irritation,

  • Design and decorate the eyebrows to have natural-looking arches and make wearing makeup easier.
  • Facial hair waxing cleanses and eliminates accumulated fat and smoothens the skin.
Essential ingredients of the wax
Bamboo charcoal : Absorbs toxins and impurities, residue in facial pores, and eliminates excess oil.
Willow bark extract : Applies gentle salicylic acid carefully over the skin that accelerates exfoliating of deteriorated skin cells, reduces inflammation, kills bacteria, increases moisture, and softens the skin.
Zinc Oxide : Reduces skin irritation, protects the skin from heat, and provides an anti-germ treatment.
Facial Waxing Price
Eyebrow Shaping & Waxing 
(ตกแต่ง - แว็กซ์คิ้ว) 
850 Baht
Eyebrow Shaping 
500 Baht
Eyebrow Maintenance 
(แว็กซ์คิ้วครั้งถัดไป ภายใน 40 วัน)
650 Baht
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