Eyelash extensions feature the lash line technique, focused on the Japanese-style sophistication, soft eyelashes, and hygienic and safe eyelash glue invented by the Japanese R&D dermatologist team.

Blanc Eyelash Extension Technique

Blanc Single Technique
is our standard make-up technique that keeps the lashes looking natural.

Blanc 4D
lash shaping by the size of 0.04 mm., 4 lash lines arranged on a single actual eyelash line, make the eyelashes to be more complete, thick, and noticeable, and completely natural and pretty.
J Curl: Natural Look is for a person with double-eyelids who wishes to have natural looking eyelashes.
B Curl: Sweet Look is for a person who wishes to have sweet and attractive looking eyes.
C Curl: Gorgeous Look for a person with single-eyelids. or who loves permanently curled eyelashes.
D Curl: Impressive Look for persons who wish to enhance the seductive appearance to their eyes.


Our eyelash expert advises the lash design corresponding the need and the nature of the eyes of each client. Basically, it includes three eyelash features;

Natural Charming – designed and focused on the lash line shape, the length of the lash line must be compatible with the eyes' features, making the eyes look gorgeous and sparkle. 
Sweet Dolly – designed and focused on the length of the lashes at the middle of the eyes, which promotes the big and beautiful eyes.
Diva Desires - designed and focused on the length of the lashes at the tip of the eyes, which promotes the most amazing and seductive eyes.
Procedures for eyelash extension treatment
Step1: Counseling – The eyelash expert explains about the types of lashes and which are suitable and beautiful to suit the customer’s requirement.
Step 2: The eyelash expert applies the eyelash extension treatment sophisticatedly and attentively to achieve complete and perfect eyelashes.
Step 3: Post-treatment - The eyelash expert explains how to care for the eyelashes after the treatment and provides post-treatment guidance.

Eyelash Extension Price
Blanc Single

Upper Lash Unlimited
(ขนตาบน ไม่จำกัดจำนวนเส้น)
2,500 Baht  
Upper + Lower Lash Unlimited
(ขนตาบนและล่าง ไม่จำกัดจำนวนเส้น)
3,190 Baht
Lower Lash Unlimited
(ขนตาล่าง ไม่จำกัดจำนวนเส้น)
1,190 Baht
Soft try 60 Lash
(ขนตาบน 60 เส้น)
1,800 Baht
Blanc 4D
4D Upper Lash Unlimited
(ขนตาบน ไม่จำกัดจำนวนเส้น)
3,600 Baht
4D Upper +Lower Lash Unlimited 
(ต่อขนตาบนและล่าง แบบไม่จำกัดจำนวนเส้น)
4,390 Baht
Soft try 400 Lash
(ขนตาบน 400 เส้น)
2,890 Baht
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