Micro-blading is beauty art for eyebrows that makes the edge of the eyelids and mouth to be more distinctive naturally under Blanc's non-invasive tinting technique provided by our professional specialists, with color options corresponding to the different types of skin color, and the sophisticated skill of shaping and tinting, coupled with the digital micro-blading pen that the needles reach only into the superficial layers of the skin by 1 - 2 millimeters to deposit  the pigment into skin without pain or bleeding. 

Eyebrow : Design and micro-blading give your eyebrows a natural looking with the Blanc tinting and brow shaping technique to enhance your brows' natural-looking beauty.

  • Natural Line Art: The micro-blading technique gives you beautiful eyebrows, and is suitable for those with naturally perfect brows and the desire to add dimension to the eyebrows more sharply and gorgeously.
  • Paint Art Powder: A digital superfine pen technique that deposits the pigment beneath the brows, giving you powdered brows.
Inner Eyeliner : Micro-blading of the edge of the eyes to enhance fuller and thicker eyelashes without applying eyeliner.
Lip : Gives a beautiful, healthy, and natural-looking mouth shape, the effect   of micro-blading depends on the original color of the lips.
Art Make – up Price


(ออกแบบ แลฝังสีคิ้ว)

16,000 Baht

Inner Eyeliner


12,000 Baht



15,000 Baht

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