Eyelash Lifting

Eyelash Lifting

Curling and lifting eyelashes achieve beautiful and natural-looking lashes

It takes approximately 40 -60 minutes, depending on the client's eyelash appearance.

Yes, eyelashes lifting makes the eyelashes look long and curled. However, if your lashes are naturally-dented, the gap between the lashes becomes more noticeable, in this case, eyelash extension treatment is recommended to make the lashes look more beautiful

It is ideal for those who desire beautiful and natural looking lashes. The patients must not be undergoing chemotherapy, and must not have severe allergic symptoms, and have no signs of eye infection, conjunctivitis, dry eyes, Lasik eye surgery, or eye surgery for less than 6 months to 1 year.

No, because our eyelash specialists are well-trained, and the high quality of our eye solution is effectively gentle and safe to the eyelashes and eyes.

Approximately 8 weeks, depending on the growth cycle of the lashes, personal care routine, and activities, for example, physical exercise, swimming, or a sauna treatment may affect the shape of the lashes.

Yes, you may wear makeup as normal; you can use non-waterproof mascara for which cleansing is easy without damaging the lashes.

No, because it weakens and may damage the lashes easily. Eyelash lifting provides better results than curling.  So, a curler is not needed.

Eyelash extension can be done, but for the health of the eyelashes, we recommend leaving for a period of 1-2 weeks after the eyelash lifting treatment.

This procedure changes the shade of the eyelash to look sleeker and fuller, eyelash lifting can also be done; the procedure takes only 10 - 15 minutes.

At our salons, the solution is applied extremely gently and the client can be assured of the high standard of our safety procedures. The allergic incidence is very low. However, if the client is concerned about allergies, the experts recommend the Patch Test prior to the treatment.

Within 24 hours, avoid applying oil-containing products, avoid wetting the eyelashes

24 hours before treatment, avoid wearing mascara and cosmetics around the eyes, and avoid using cream or a moisturizer.

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