Bottom Eyelash & Clear Mascara

2 in 1 mascara promotes the sparkle in your eyes.


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Product Description


Waterproof Black Mascara

  • Water-proof and sweat-proof formula, easily removed with warm water
  • Gentle to the lashes, yielding healthy not brittle lashes
  • The brush head is designed to be small and easy-to-use and brushes the lower lashes comfortably

Clear Mascara

  • Coats lashes elegantly and naturally
  • Nourishes healthy lashes elegantly and sleekly
  • Contains five highly-active nutrients for healthy lashes
    1. Hyaluronic acid's small molecules penetrate deeply into the lashes to retain moisture
    2. Natural keratin extracted from wool, with smaller molecules that are absorbed into the lashes effectively. Keratin is the main nutrient that helps keep the lashes looking healthy and fine, and reduces brittle lashes
    3. Hydrolyzed silk protein's small molecules infiltrate the lashes to promote perfectly sleek lashes
    4. The antioxidant effect of Ginseng extract helps to promote the balance in the lashes and result in optimal healthy root lash hair.
    5. Loquat leaf extract, a Japanese native fruit crop, enriched with effective anti-oxidants helps to nourish the root of the lashes and accelerates the regeneration of new lashes

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